Lauren Bailey works fashion magic.

Just ask her hundreds of flawlessly fashioned clients! 
·       “Thanks again for assisting me with my outfits.  I can truly say this may be the second time in my life that I have felt ‘in fashion.’  You've been such a tremendous help with me because I have had to deal with my current weight/size, while trying to find outfits that make me happy.”  – E.B.

·       “My mom is so excited about her closet, clothes, and book.  She looks ‘flawless’ every day.”  – K.G.


·       “Thank you for shopping with my daughter.  I got the biggest hug ever from her, with tears saying, That was the best shopping day EVER!”  Thank you for working your magic to help build her confidence and self esteem.”  –B.F.


·       “I so enjoyed working with you.  You are so professional, a joy to work with, and I look forward to using your services again next season.”  –B.C.

·       “Shopping with you was such an altogether new experience!  You made it really fun.  I can't believe you helped me all the way to assisting me to my car, shopping bags in hand!”  –S.S.

·       “I had such a delightful time working with you and getting your professional input!  You definitely know your stuff!”  – E.M.


·       “I got dressed in record time and was on time to work today, which never happens because it usually takes me forever to figure out what to wear.  Thank you for your help!”  –C.B.

·       “This is such a fun journey!  Thanks for introducing me to this ‘new me’!”  – D.S.

·       “Love to you.  You are just amazing, and I am very thankful for your expertise.”  –A.D.


·       “You have a gift!”  – K.K.



“What makes me great at what I do is my ability to change the way my clients see themselves in the mirror.  Through encouragement, support, and fashion education, my clients learn to focus on their beauty and to let go of any image objection.  That is what makes my clients truly flawlessly fashioned.”

–Lauren Bailey